How the Onboarding Checklist works with your app
1. Connect your data from third-party platforms, like the ones shown below
Traitly fetches your real-time customer and event data.
2. Create how-to messages for each important event a user can perform inside your app
message-mapping How to add a team member It s time to create a project
3. Specify the order in which each event should appear
Place the most important events at the top. It will be automatically removed from the list shown once a user completes it.
4. Install on your site and successfully onboard more users, and faster.
Each user will see a dynamic checklist of things they need to do to get value from your app.
The list updates for each user as they complete events and Traitly rewards them with a higher score.
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Encourage new users to complete key events inside your app
The Onboarding Checklist shows your users what they need to do during onboarding to get value out of your app.
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Gamifies Onboarding
The Onboarding Checklist gamifies the onboarding process by assigning a progress score to each user.
The more events a user completes, and the faster
they do so, the higher their score.
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Reward Success
Users who successfully onboard are
significantly more likely to stay.
Incentivize users to get fully setup
by providing short-term discounts.
Onboarding doesn't just happen during the user's first session
The Onboarding Checklist isn't just shown to users on first sign in.
It encourages your users to complete key events inside your app over time.
Map help messages to events
Traitly syncs your events from third-party services like Segment and Intercom. You map helpful how-to messages to events inside traitly.
Track user engagement
Engagement analytics enable you to view how particular users interacted with the Onboarding Checklist and track how well it worked.
Easy to install
You can install the Onboarding Checklist with just
a few lines of JavaScript. It's really that simple.
Receive user alerts
Connect your Slack or CRM account and automatically notify a support agent when a user needs help.
Bring together the Onboarding Checklist, your
favourite chat app and your knowledge base.
Sign up now, sync your data, and onboard up to 10,000 users*.
Between 10,000 and 25,000 users*.
Between 25,000 and 50,000 users*.
More than 50,000 users.
*Limited to one flow per account. $99 per extra flow p/m
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